When Marjorie Ransom bought her first piece of Yemeni silver jewelry in the 1960s, she started weaving a bond with Yemen that would last a lifetime. 


Marjorie Ransom is a Middle East specialist who served for much of her career in the U.S. Information Agency, later part of the Department of State.  She has lived and worked throughout the Middle East, where she collected traditional silver jewelry, particularly from Yemen.  She has lectured widely on the subject, and her renowned collection of Middle Eastern jewelry has been exhibited at the Bead Museum in Washington, D.C., and in museums in New York, Michigan, and California.

Her new book Silver Treasures from the Land Of Sheba, Regional Yemeni Jewelry is a gem, not to be missed.


"This beautiful book is a fitting tribute to the rich culture of Yemen, and its people’s appreciation of fine craftsmanship."

— Shelagh Weir, former curator for the Middle East at the British Museum



Ms Ransom has lectured widely in the US about the traditional jewelry of the Middle East.

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About the book

This stunning volume is the first study ever made of Yemen’s handcrafted silver jewelry.

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